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Become a Highly Paid Animation Professional in 18+12 Months! 
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Why HiTech Animation For 3D Animation Course?

Here are 10 solid reasons why you should choose HiTech Animation Delhi for your Animation Course and no other institute or college will come any close to it.


All our students of VFX Course got placed. We provide full placement assistance to all students.

₹2.6 – ₹4.2 LAKHS AVG SALARY

All students who joined in our VFX Course get an average salary of ₹22,000 to ₹35,000 per month.


We have been around probably from the inception of animation with over 22 years in the industry.


We work with over 15 TV Channels in producing content for them including 3D Animation and VFX.


Because we have our own production house, all the students get an opportunity to work on live projects & paid internships.


We have a very unique offer for students to pay their fees in EMIs or Monthly Instalments – which is very convenient.


We have the best infrastructure and modules for training on 3D Animation in the country.


Our experience and being part of a production house gives us an idea of what is needed for being a professional in 3D Animation.

3D Animation Course

Become a Highly Paid 3D Animation Professional!
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3D Animation Course from HiTech Animation

Visual Effects (VFX) nowadays is an integral part of the Movies industry. VFX is a procedure by which an illusion is formed or manipulated outside the context of a live-action shot in filmmaking. Visual Effects Course at Hi-Tech Film & Broadcast Academy is a comprehensive job-oriented course which encapsulates the whole thing from basic to advanced level Visual Effects. Best training and industry exposure along with ace faculty members from leading production houses is the perfect blend to mould you into a successful professional.

3D Animation Course Syllabus/Coverage


  • 3D Modeling, Texturing & Lighting
  • yes-icon
  • Maya Interface
  • Character Design Concept
  • Maya Modelling Techniques
  • Using Different Types Of Tools
  • Bg & Props Modelling
  • Character Modelling
  • Shading With Maya & Arnold Materials
  • Texturing Using Photoshop
  • Cg Lighting Concept
  • Principles Of Light
  • Using Different Types Of Light In Maya
  • 3 Point Lightning Setup
  • Different Types Of Shaders In Maya
  • Render Global & Render Layer Setup
  • Rendering Using Arnold

MODULE 2: 3D Animation

  • Sketching For Animation
  • Script Analysis
  • Camera Angles
  • Storyboard Analysis
  • Basic Acting
  • Creating Animatics
  • Understanding Different Tools In Maya
  • Rig Study
  • Character Animation
  • Prop Animation
  • Body Mechanism
  • Acting For Animation
  • 50 Different Assignments
  • Tips On Making 3d Showreel

Visual Effects VFX Software You Learn in Detail

VFX For Film Course Duration & Fees

  • The duration of the VFX Course is 18+12 months.
  • The Fee for VFX Course is ₹2,12,400+141601 Only.
  • The VFX Course Fees can be paid in easy EMI / Monthly Instalments. Kindly speak to our Counsellor for more details about different Payment Options available.

Here are some of the VFX Software’s that a student will learn during the course and will be proficient in using during their placement. Most institutes only train you on these software at a superficial level, while we go in complete detail.

3D Animation Career Options

Here are some of the career options for students who have completed 3D Animation Course at HiTech Animation Delhi have.

  • Motion Graphics Artist
  • Compositor (VFX & 3D)
  • Cloth Artist
  • Cloth Artist
  • Hair And Fur Artist
  • VFX Roto Artist

3D Animation Course

Become a Highly Paid 3D Animation Professional!
Learn More About The Course Now!